Presentation of the 3 residential use models

The first range of three (3) products is directed specifically at people living in a home environment: children, adults, seniors, those living alone, bedridden, disabled, or even in perfect health.

Family Residence

The set contains one (1) alarm buzzer to be connected directly to the electrical circuit of the home. Remote controls will be hung permanently in the bathroom, as well as in two other rooms. They will be located where they are easily accessible, and always in the same location to avoid searching for them in an emergency.

The alarm must be easily heard (without being excessive) throughout all rooms; on the ground floor, upstairs, and in the basement if any.

You can order additional remote controls if necessary.

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Person living alone - Short range

You must first find someone who will help you when needed. If they also have, you could return the favour.

This model includes a remote for hanging in the bathroom, and another within reach in the bedroom.

For this to work, your partner receives the alarm component (connected to their electrical system), and would give you theirs as well if you were mutual partners.

This model (short-distance, and less expensive) can communicate on the same floor, or a floor above or below, when located in an apartment or condo building, or even to a nearby neighbour (in a private residence).

Secure Partner produits

Person living alone - Long range

This long-range model is identical to and operates in the same way as the short-range model, but is more powerful, can communicate across a larger distance, and is therefore more expensive.

In a private residence, this device can communicate in a radius of five (5) streets, and in a large apartment building up to five (5) floors, either above or below your residence.

You can also obtain additional remote controls if necessary, that can be synchronized to your system.

Secure Partner produits
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