Presentation of the five (5) models for use in public spaces.

All these models emit signals to alert a person at work in a public area, in order to respond to a user’s need for assistance.


Our system can advantageously replace the cord and buzzer currently in use.

We offer a wireless system, designed with materials resistant to bacteria, with an aesthetic appearance.

Our system also includes a remote control for the bathroom, each equipped with a light.

This could replace a single buzzer, or many at once.

Retirement homes

Our system can partially or completely replace an existing system with wireless communication, whether in one (1), ten (10), or one hundred (100) rooms.

Our equipment offers many possibilities, including remote controls in the bathrooms, and other devices for making the system practical and functional.

Where there is no central system, we can install wireless equipment (nothing in the walls), and a console with a variety of tones and volumes, which can even verbally communicate the number of the room from which the call is coming.

If desired you can facilitate the transition just by keeping the old and the new system. Simply connect them to each other using the dispenser #; both will be fully functional.  When this is no longer necessary, simply remove the old system.

Cinemas, conference rooms, or anywhere there is a crowd of people

Objective: Improve the quality of services and the safety of users.

A system that allows a person on the premises to remotely report a need for assistance to management, if deemed urgent (major physical or psychological discomfort, important information about their safety, the presence of someone undesirable, advising about a potential risk, witnessing a crime, etc.)

One or more remote controls are attached to one or more accessible locations that the user can activate in order to initiate an alarm that the management would carry with them. At the same time, the message is transmitted to a central console which indicates the call’s origin.

All applications will be subject to an analysis of needs, and a bid will be submitted free of charge.

People looking to modify their existing security system

You currently reside in a senior’s residence, and the communication system you have been given does not suit you because you deem it insufficient, or it does not meet your personal standards.

You can easily replace it, simply by removing it and plugging in a better one.

Maybe you want a remote that can be worn on the wrist or hang from your belt, with a colour and shape you prefer, more aesthetic, and you want a remote hanging in the bathroom ….

That should certainly not be considered a luxury, rather: a necessity. After all, the new system would become your permanent partner.

Never fear, you can unplug the old and plug-in your new system. Everything will work, just as it does elsewhere.

Educational institutions

A bi-directional wireless electronic communication system. Bi-directional between the management of the institution, and the classrooms within the same building.


To allow every teacher to report any serious issues that affect the safety of the students in their class. These issues could be related to consumption of banned products, threatening behaviour, possession or handling of dangerous objects, non-compliance with safety regulations, a situation in which the teacher perceives significant risk, verbal or physical attacks, presence of an intruder, etc. Basically, anything that is not tolerated.

In such a situation, the teacher need only press a button on a remote control installed in easy reach. Instantly, their need for assistance is transmitted to and recorded at the management level, including which classroom the call originated in.

Absence of this ability to quickly react inevitably leads to tolerance, giving way to the development of an environment that is rapidly deteriorating, and possibly even becoming dangerous.   

This bi-directional communication also allows management to report problems from elsewhere: in a particular class, or in several classes, or even all classes at once. This level of communication invites precautions such as the use of a simple code in signalling, as well as instructions on use that should be respected.

A security partner is a person, and it’s also