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Where can I get your products?

Only by ordering online. They are not sold in stores.

I just bought one of your products. What should I do for the person offering to be my security partner?

Simply give them the module that plugs into the wall that they will install at home, nothing else.

We each received a security partner, and we want to give each other mutual assistance if needed. How should we proceed?

Simply exchange the modules that plug into the wall, one for the other, and it will work perfectly.

Does your system work with batteries?

Only the remote controls work with one or two batteries, already included. Everything else is powered by the building’s electricity.

How long do the batteries last?

The long-duration batteries included can last a few years with only rare use. It is prudent to inspect the charge level from time to time, as a light will appear on the remote control.

Does your system include a warranty?

Yes, all parts are guaranteed except the batteries.

My system is defective; can I return it to you?

Certainly. We will refund you or give you a new system if desired, with return costs at your expense. Be sure to check if it really is defective: our devices undergo electronic testing before they are sold.

Can my partner and I use a code when signalling each other?

Yes, of course! For example: a prolonged signal for a serious incident, and two brief signals for something less urgent. That said, it is good to remember that this is all for prevention, and only for use in emergencies.

We currently have a security partner in our residence and would like to add 2 new remotes. Can we do it?

Yes, however many you want. The devices will ship with instructions on how to synchronize with your existing system, which is easy and only takes a few moments.

Your price includes parts, handling charges, taxes, and shipping costs. Will there be any other fees later?

No, no other fees. You have nothing else to pay.

Where to return defective devices?

Send defective units to: C.P. 2002 Danville Qc S0A 1A0